Viewers spot one MAJOR issue with ITV's new show Wild Bill

Did you enjoy the first episode?

Emmy Griffiths

ITV's new police drama Wild Bill kicked off on Wednesday evening, and while there was a somewhat mixed reaction to the first of the six-part series, many viewers took to Twitter to discuss the same problem with the opening episode; that although the show is set in Lincolnshire, none of the cast have quite the right accent for the region.


Robe Lowe plays Bill

One person wrote: "Why have all the locals got Yorkshire accents?? It's Lincolnshire almost The Fens. Not difficult to get it right if you've made the effort to find Boston red." Another person added: "As a yellowbelly I am querying the 50 shades of Yorks and Lancs accents in #WildBill. Not one actual Lincolnshire accent among them, but sure, all us northerners are the same, right?" However, others felt that fellow viewers were being too picky, as one person wrote: "Why all the [complaining] about the incorrect accents or anything else - it's called light entertainment for a reason - it's a comedy drama its not about putting the world to rights - have a laugh for once stop being judgemental."


Fans of the show had questions about the accents

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The plot of Wild Bill follows an officer (Rob Lowe) who moves to Lincolnshire from Miami to start a new life with his teenage daughter. The official synopsis reads: "Landing in Boston, Lincolnshire with teenage daughter Kelsey, he's hoping they can flee their recent painful past. However, this unfamiliar, unimpressed community will force Bill to question everything about himself and leave him wondering if it's Boston that needs Bill, or Bill that needs Boston?" Despite criticism around the accents, people seemed to enjoy the opening episode, with one writing: "Really enjoyed this, well done ITV! And welcome to our shores RL!" Another person tweeted: "I'm so chuffed that there is something worth watching on TV. We really enjoyed it and can't wait until next week."

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