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Fans of Love Island have taken to Twitter to discuss the second 'dumping' of the series, which will see not one but TWO contestants bid farewell to the villa. While there are four people up for elimination – Lucie, Joe, Anton and Elma – fans are already convinced they have it figured out which two which will be leaving, and let's just say things aren't looking good for Elma and Joe!


Will Elma be voted out?

After Monday night's episode revealed that two islanders would be leaving, viewers joked about voting the pair out, with one person tweeting: "Putting all my fate into the UK that they will vote Joe and Elma out #LoveIsland." Another person added: "If only the whole of the UK could agree about Brexit the way they do about saving Anton and Lucie." However, another contestant suggested that Lucie might well end up leaving with Joe, writing: "Glad everyone's gonna vote Joe out but I have a feeling he's gonna manipulate her into leaving with him."

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Fans tweeted about voting Joe out of the show

Fans of the show recently criticised Joe's treatment of Lucie after he suggested that she try to spend more time with the other girls rather than hanging out with Tommy. Last year's winner, Dani Dyer, was among those to offer here support for Lucie, writing: "Just wanna give Lucie a cuddle they need to chill out leave the girl alone." Former Islander Amber Davies added: "Joe can you please just like Lucie for LUCIE and not who you want her to be. Thank you."

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Fans weren't pleased by Joe's behaviour, as one person wrote: "Everyone needs to leave Lucie alone. She's done nothing wrong. Joe's the one that needs to fix up!!!!! So backwards and possessive. Lucie doesn't need it." Another person added: "Joe trying to force Lucie to befriend girls is actually psychopathic and these people are actually bullying her." So who do you think is most likely to leave the villa tonight? Vote in our poll below!