Taylor Swift shares candid post criticising man who owns all of her albums

Taylor Swift took to Tumblr to explain the situation

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Taylor Swift has taken to Tumblr to criticise Scooter Braun, a music producer who has recently acquired the singer's former record label, Big Machine Records, and therefore now owns her first six albums. In a post, Taylor explained why she was disappointed by the news, and explained that she had received "incessant, manipulative bullying" at Scooter's hands, and how he mocked her following the Kim Kardashian phone call leak.


Taylor is now with a new record label

She wrote: "For years I asked, pleaded for a chance to own my work. Instead I was given an opportunity to sign back up to Big Machine Records and 'earn' one album back at a time, one for every new one I turned in. I walked away because I knew once I signed that contract, Scott Borchetta would sell the label, thereby selling me and my future. I had to make the excruciating choice to leave behind my past. Music I wrote on my bedroom floor and videos I dreamed up and paid for from the money I earned playing in bars, then clubs, then arenas, then stadiums."

She continued: "I learned about Scooter Braun’s purchase of my masters as it was announced to the world. All I could think about was the incessant, manipulative bullying I’ve received at his hands for years. Like when Kim Kardashian orchestrated an illegally recorded snippet of a phone call to be leaked and then Scooter got his two clients together to bully me online about it… Or when his client, Kanye West, organised a revenge porn music video which strips my body naked."


Justin defended Scooter

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Calling the situation her "worst case scenario", she concluded: "Thankfully, I am now signed to a label that believes I should own anything I create. Thankfully, I left my past in Scott’s hands and not my future… You deserve to own the art you make. I will always be proud of my past work. But for a healthier option, Lover will be out August 23." Justin Bieber, who is a client of Scooter's, responded to Taylor's message on Instagram, writing: "Scooter has had your back since the days you graciously let me open up for you… So for you to take it to social media and get people to hate on Scooter isn't fair. What were you trying to accomplish by posting that blog? Seems to me like it was to get sympathy you also knew that in posting that your fans would go and bully Scooter… I'm sure Scooter and I would love to talk to you and resolve any conflict, pain or any feelings that need to be addressed."

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