Dark Money episode three preview teases Sam and Manny's marriage breakdown

How do you think the series will end?

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If Dark Money wasn't already grim enough, the preview for episode three of the BBC One drama, which airs on Monday night, teases a marriage breakdown between Manny and Sam as they disagree over their son, Isaac. The series takes a look at the dark side of Hollywood after the couple accept a pay out to buy their silence after they discover that their teenage son was abused on the set of a blockbuster. Despite becoming millionaires, the pair are haunted by their decision, and the new episode shows the cracks in their marriage begin to show as they disagree over their son's future.

The third episode will air on Monday

In the clip, Sam says: "Isaac tells me you had a meeting with Cordelia about his future without him… He says you were trying to pull him out of acting." She continued: "He thinks he's failed. He's blown his career… He needs our support. He needs to be able to talk to us… He's not happy." Manny disagreed, replying: "I disagree. I've seen a strong young man who has put his past behind him."

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The story is a dark look at Hollywood

Fans have been discussing the new series on Twitter, with one person writing: "No one calls the police but father calls a journalist. Meanwhile no-one’s comforting or protecting the son, they just let him go to school. Trying to suspend my disbelief." Another person added: "This is uncomfortable viewing. But shows exactly what is wrong with a criminal system where money can buy silence and derail justice." A third person wrote: "I AM IN AWE. Such an important story to be told, and what a cast to do so!! Beautiful performances all round!" The young actor who plays Isaac, Max Fincham, was also praised for his performance, with one person writing: "I have no idea how they prepare a young actor to play such a role. For that young actor (Max Fincham) to then go on and deliver such a believable heart wrenching performance is extraordinary. Take a bow young man."

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