James Corden and Ruth Jones buy Gavin and Stacey fans the sweetest present

This is so lovely!

James Corden and Ruth Jones surprised Gavin and Stacey fans this week as they filmed the show's Christmas special in Barry. On Sunday, an ice cream van arrived in the town with a personalised note in the window, which read: "Thank you for all your support. It means the world to us. See you on Christmas Day! Enjoy! James Corden and Ruth Jones." James and Ruth star in the hit comedy series as Smithy and Nessa, and they also co-wrote it. Other stars of the show include Rob Brydon, who plays Uncle Bryn, Joanna Page as Stacey, Matthew Horne as Gavin, and Larry Lamb as Mick. Alison Steadman plays Pam, while Melanie Walters stars as Gwen.

We can't wait for the Christmas special of Gavin and Stacey!

The upcoming episode will be out ten years after the series originally ended in 2009. Since the show ended, the cast have gone on to work on different projects, with James even moving to the states to find success on The Late, Late Show. The star told The Times that they wanted to bring the show back because they felt that they "owed it" to the beloved characters. He said: "Let's see what they’re doing. We wanted to see if there was something there, and for a while we weren’t sure. Then, once there was, my feeling was, life's too short. Fear is the absolute reason to do it. This sounds ridiculously deep, but none of us are promised tomorrow. We're here for a minute, so you have to try to do it all. I'd rather regret something than not do it."

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James Corden and Ruth Jones treated their fans to ice cream

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Fans were particularly excited to see James in the UK. The TV presenter recently revealed that he has been thinking about his future in LA, and that he and his family are toying with the idea of moving back to England when his contract with The Late Late Show goes up for renewal in 2020. Talking to the Stagecraft podcast about his possible relocation, he said: "I have a year left on my contract. It's hard. It's so much more than just 'What do I want to do?' We're a long way from home, my wife and I, and our children, and there are people at home that we miss deeply and we care about and they're getting older. Then there is the question of where do we educate our children and where is the best environment for them." James continued: "I think you've got to be too careful not to get into money. It can be a dangerous thing if you are using it for new creative endeavors."

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