Love Island's final dates are here - find out what they will be getting up to! 

Things are really coming to an end!

Emmy Griffiths

It is a sign that Love Island is nearly over when the final round of couples all go on their very last special dates out of the villa. On Thursday night, Amber and Greg, Ovie and India and Maura and Curtis will be going on their last dates of the show. Get a sneak peek of what they got up to here...


Maura and Curtis on their final date

Amber and Greg were the first couple to go on their last date, and perhaps had the best one of all as they went on a romantic trip on a catamaran! The pair spoke about how they'd instantly clicked after Amber had a few difficult weeks with Michael, with Greg explaining: "I’m just so happy to be here with you. I feel really fortunate to have come in and met you." Amber replied: "When we first met, I had an instant connection and that is something that I never get. I felt it straight away and I was just hoping you felt the same!" Ahead of their date in the Beach Hut, Amber said: "I remember walking through the door on the first day and not liking anyone. And now I’m on my final date with Greg, who I actually really like."

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Ovie and India enjoyed a candelit dinner

Meanwhile, Maura and Curtis went for dinner and watched a harp player, while India and Ovie had a candlelit meal. Speaking about how he was surprised he'd found someone, Ovie said: "At one point, it looked like I wasn’t going to be in a romantic couple at all. I felt like I just had the role of the guardian angel over Amber. When I walked into that date, you stood out to me so clear. It really changed the whole experience for me. It’s brightened up my days."

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