13 Reasons Why: Bryce Walker's killer revealed - did you see it coming?

We didn't see this coming!

Ever since the trailer for 13 Reasons Why revealed that Bryce Walker was killed off in season three, fans have been speculating who could have done the deed. Now, just a few days after the new series was released on Netflix, viewers finally have their answer – but were you expecting it? Find out who killed Bryce Walker here and WARNING! Spoilers ahead for season three!

Who really killed Bryce?

Since Bryce wasn't exactly anyone's favourite person at Liberty High, it stands to reason that anyone could have killed him, and indeed it looked like our protagonist, Clay Jenson, was going to get the heat on the murder for a while there. However, it was eventually revealed that after being beaten up by Zach, leaving him with a broken leg and arm, it was actually Alex who killed Bryce by throwing him into the water at the docks, after realising just how much damage he had caused.

It is revealed that Alex killed Bryce

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Speaking to Entertainment Weekly about the revelation, Bryce actor Justin Prentice said: "You know, I could see why when I read it was Alex. I was like, 'Yeah, I get it'. I didn't necessarily call this one. I knew it wasn't Zach, so I knew that there was more to the story than that and I always assumed that Jess might be involved. So I had parts of the puzzle sort of mapped out, but not the whole picture. So that was a fun little surprise." He continued: "I've gotten to explore the villain side of Bryce for many years now. And that's been, as an actor, very rewarding — playing something different from how I am. But then to take a character that you're so used to playing one way and start throwing in elements of the complete opposite, seeing humanity breaking through was very enjoyable."

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