Denise Welch shares hysterical video of her mother-in-law trying to take a shot - watch it here

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Denise Welch has shared a hilarious video of her mother-in-law, Jen, attempting to do a shot while the family are on holiday together in Turkey. In the video, the Loose Women star is persuade poor Jen to down the shot in one go rather than sip it, and ends with both Jen and Denise in tears of laughter as she struggles with the challenge.


Mother in law doing a shot.....part 2

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In the video, Denise can be heard saying: "Jen, please do a shot. You can't sip it... You can't bend your head forward to do a shot! Put your head back!" She continued: "Pretend you're on I'm a Celebrity, you're on I'm a Celebrity and you've got to do it to feed your camp. They'll hate you if you go back with no stars! Jen you're going back with no stars!" The TV personality captioned the video: "Mother in law doing a shot."


Denise has been having an amazing time on holiday

Fans were quick to comment on the hilarious clip, with one writing: "Can't stop laughing thank you," while another added: "Hilarious she hasn’t grasped the idea of a shot being down in one." A third person added: "Can I come on the next holiday please?" We want to come as well!

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The Welch family have clearly been having the time of their lives on the holiday, and Denise posted about partying aged 61 on Instagram. She wrote: "Each night, before dinner I take time out before the, 'Where are we going, have you called the taxi, is it near a bar or disco, are there any girls going' questions start! One would have thought that at 61 with my children now grown that those questions would stop. But not with @welchvin around they don’t!!! Thank you @lighterlife for teaching me lessons in staying calm as well as weight stuff!"

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