Line of Duty stars reveal whether they are re-joining cast for season six

Could THEY be H?!

Line of Duty stars Rochenda Sandall and Lee Ingleby, who played Lisa McQueen and Nick Huntley in the popular police procedural drama respectively, have revealed whether they will be coming back to the show in season six. While Rochenda played a key role in the latest season as a member of the criminal organisation, Lee last appeared in the show in season four, as the husband of Thandie Newton's corrupt police officer, Roz Huntley.

Rochenda opened up about appearing in season six

Chatting about the upcoming series to HELLO! and other reporters, Rochenda said: "You never know with Jed, do you? You never know, you're in the dark until the last moment… Well you never know!" Lee added: "I kind of doubt it, I mean for me I think personally that story [is finished]." Katherine Kelly chimed in: "What's the first letter of your name though, is it an H?" Lee joked: "Yeah, I think there is an H there!"

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The trio will be starring as detectives in an upcoming Netflix drama, Criminal, which focuses on questioning subjects in the interview room. Chatting about switching up her role from a criminal to a police officer, Rochenda said: "Oh, variety is the spice of life! Nice to be seen at both ends of the spectrum, it's nice to be seen as pure crimson and also whiter than white, so yeah it's great to be considered for both." Discussing a potential season two, Katherine said: "They don't know until it goes out, because you can't predict how a show is going to be received and I think everybody's stopped trying because you never know how an audience is going to take to something. It's probably one of the most unpredictable things."

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