Vicky McClure: Which TV shows has she starred in? 

Where have you seen Vicky McClure before?

The second and final episode of Our Dementia Choir with Vicky McClure aired on BBC One on Wednesday night, and saw actress Vicky McClure set up a band and choir made up of people living with dementia as they prepare to perform at the Royal Concert Hall in Nottingham. Although this is the second time Vicky has taken on documentary-making, we are usually much more used to seeing her on our screens as an actress - but what are her most famous roles? See which TV shows she has starred in...

Line of Duty

Perhaps most famously, Vicky plays Kate Fleming in Line of Duty. In season one, we first meet Kate while she is working as an undercover officer in DCI Tony Gates' department as AC-12 investigate him for corrupt activity. She also goes undercover while investigating Lindsey Denton, and again in season four with Ros Huntley. However, Kate rises through the ranks and becomes detective inspector herself by season five, hoping that her new role will mean more time to spend with her family.

This Is England

Vicky plays Lol Jenkins in the This is England film, and subsequent miniseries This Is England '86, '88 and '90. Lol is a key member of the gnag, along with Kelly, Smell and Trev, and is the love interest of Woody - with their on-and-off relationship keeping audiences guessing. Joe Gilgun, who plays Woody, paid tribute to Vicky's character by having 'Lol' tattooed on his hand.

The Replacement

This seriously gripping thriller miniseries follows Ellen, an architect who has finally received the promotion of her dreams when she discovers she's pregnant. Delighted, but determined to continue working ahead of her maternity leave, Ellen begins to train up her temporary replacement, Paula (played by Vicky). Although Paula is an exemplary employee, Ellen is suspicious of her - but is it simply because she's taking over her job, or is there something more sinister at work?

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The Secret Agent

This 2016 period drama follows Mr Anton Verloc (Toby Jones), a business who runs a sex shop in Soho while being secret paid by Russians to pay on revolutionaries in the city centre. The series is based on Joseph Conrad's novel of the same name. In the show, Vicky plays Anton's wife Winnie, who married him in order to provide for her autistic brother and to escape her difficult father.

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Broadchurch had the nation gripped over it's central mystery - who killed Danny? Luckily, reporter Karen White, played by Vicky, was on the case! The Daily Herald journalist traveled to Broadchurch to cover the murder case, and knows all about DI Alec Hardy's previous case in Sandbrook that made a lasting impact on it. Unfortunately, Vicky didn't reprise her role for seasons two or three. Speaking about her role to BBC, she explained: "It was never something I thought about doing nor would it be something I'd want to get involved in. I think it takes a very specific person to be a journalist and I'm just not that person. But in Broadchurch I think you will