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Strictly Speaking – James and Ola Jordan: Alex and Kevin were overmarked, why didn't Gorka get a chance to dance? Halloween just took over from the performances

James and Ola Jordan had a lot to say about Strictly's Halloween week...

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James and Ola Jordan settled down to watch Strictly on Saturday where they found out that their baby is just as much of a fan of dancing as they are! "We felt our baby kick," Ola revealed. "I was like to James, feel." " I think it liked the Jive," James added. "Or it might have been when the judges got their scores wrong, they are already taking after their dad," he joked. With their friend staying for the weekend, James and Ola enjoyed watching Strictly with a Chinese takeaway, although Ola admitted that she didn't even touch it because she's currently craving really bland foods during her pregnancy. "I'm the one getting fat," James laughed. Both James and Ola had a lot to say about the Halloween show, from Alex Scott's replacement: "Why wasn't it Gorka?" to over marking from the judges, and they both wish Will Bayley and Neil Jones a speedy recovery…      

strictly group dance halloween week

James and Ola loved the opening Halloween dance inspired by The Night at the Museum

James: I really loved the concept of the opening dance with the pros and celebrities dancing to The Night at the Museum movie. I thought Anton playing the part of the warden was brilliant, it was really funny and good fun. But I felt overall, the Halloween theme this week took over from the couples' dancing. It was much more about the costumes and the music and I felt the dancing was sacrificed for the theme.  

Ola: Yes, some of the music choices weren't great, like when Chris did the Samba to the Backstreet Boys song, it just didn't work as a Samba. Some songs were a lot better than others. I agree that the opening dance was amazing though, I loved it when they went into the museum and it was good seeing the celebrities dancing with the pros.  

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strictly oti kelvin halloween

Kelvin and Oti impressed big time

James:  Without Kelvin and Oti and Giovanni and Michelle in the show yesterday it would have been very weak. It was one of the weakest shows I have seen in many years. They need to pick up their game a bit as a lot of them were dancing out of time which was a bit worrying.  

Ola: Yes, they were definitely the best dancers of the night, shall we discuss the first dance of the night to start…  

James: Let's! I love Anton, but I didn't think that the dance was anything special. You know what, it was that memorable that I've forgotten what it was!  

Ola: Wait, don't tell me – it was a Tango! The costume and the music were really good, but it wasn't great, it was really high…  

James: It was staccato, but I loved the look, the theme, the music. The concept was brilliant but I think it lacked in technical ability and it wasn't that powerful. The Tango is a similar kind of dance to the Paso Doble and you have that power and staccato movement but I felt that was missing.  

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strictly emma anton halloween

Anton and Emma's dance wasn't memorable

Ola: Now Will and Janette should have been next but Will's injury meant that he couldn't dance. I really hope that he is back next week with Janette as they had such a good week last Saturday and I was really gutted that they weren't able to perform in Halloween week. It's such a shame for them.  

James: I am looking forward to seeing Will strut his stuff again. I hope he gets to come back. Obviously I have done things where you have jumped off with straight legs and it's a big no, no, it's very painful and I just hope he has a quick recovery and comes back next week. Janette and Will's performance last week moved us both, it was just amazing and it would be such a shame for him to have to pull out.  

strictly kevin clifton replaces neil jones

Should Kevin have been replacing Neil instead of Gorka?

Ola: And also poor Neil was unable to dance as well so I hope he has a speedy recovery. He's waited all these years to get a celebrity dance partner and I am so sad for him that he couldn't perform last night and I hope to see him back next week.  

James: Yes, sad for Neil too – everyone keeps talking about the celebrities but I find it very strange that Will gets a bye through but Alex dances with Kevin? It's almost like saying the pros aren't important and can just be replaced with another pro. I think maybe they should have had a bye through too. Kevin replaced Neil last-minute after he had to pull out of the show because of his injury. My feeling on that is that Kevin has already danced with his partner, he's out of the show now and is gone, and got voted off, but now is back.  

Ola: Yes it didn't seem fair as he's out of the show now.  

James: Gorka, on the other hand, didn't get a partner this year, not through his choice, so he should be there and given his chance to dance with Alex. Kevin's had his chance. Last year he was on the show and wasn't asked back as a main pro so it would have been nicer and everyone loves Gorka. Even I'm in love with Gorka – there I've said it! I'm sure he's gutted, he would have had the opportunity to step in for someone.  

Ola: A lot of people on Twitter are saying why didn't he get a chance to dance with Alex. I have got to say even though Alex got her highest score last night with Kevin, I preferred her performance with Neil last week. I wouldn't really be looking at the scores so much, they could be sympathy scores.  

James: They got nines! Some of the judges gave them the same marks as Kelvin and Oti. They should be ashamed of themselves! You can't mark Alex the same as Kelvin, what are you doing? You shouldn't be sitting there and judging!  

Ola: I think they go too high and then someone else comes out and does a really good performance and it just takes it away from the good person.  

James: It also seems that the judges are still trying to justify why they saved Emma and Aljaz over Dev and Dianne by over-marking her in comparison to everyone else. I still stand by the fact that I think Dev should have been saved and Emma should have been the one who left. In fact, I hate to say it but Craig seems to be the only one who is getting the scores pretty right overall. He is closest to being correct all the time.  

strictly karim amy halloween

Karim and Amy's dance was undermarked

James: Looking at Karim and Amy, sometimes they lack in performance but the dancing ability is there and that's what the judges are marking – sometimes I think they take into account that he is a trained dancer but that's for the public to decide. You mark the dancing, that's your job. You do your job, the public will do theirs and vote for who they want to save. That's not down to the judges to make that decision as well. They are supposed to be marking on the dancing which I feel sometimes they don't.  

Ola: Last night I have to say that Kelvin and Oti stood out the most to me. Even though Kelvin made a few mistakes it was amazing and much better than everyone else's.  

strictly michelle giovanni halloween

Michelle and Giovanni stood out from the crowd

James: Yes I agree, as I said earlier, Michelle and Giovanni were also amazing. I think Craig really respects Michelle and what she stands for. I think he is in awe of her a lot as well, but having said that I always feel that she is over-marked. Last night I thought they were brilliant and that was their first performance that was exceptional and well-marked.  

Ola: Maybe because all the others were so bad as well! It was a really good performance though.  

James: Yes, dancing a Foxtrot to the Addam's Family is hard. On paper I would say it was a stupid idea but Giovanni made it work – very clever boy! I take my hat off to him. He is top on the leaderboard each Halloween – well he's not the best looking is he (laughs) maybe that's why.  

Ola: James! Giovanni is a lovely boy!  

James:  I was being sarcastic!  

Ola: With Mike and Katya, they definitely had improved from last week but we thought he was going to be the dark horse of the competition and it hasn't quite worked out like that.  

James: Mike is getting a bit samey now. I feel each of his dances feel the same and are quite similar. Each dance should have their own character but I feel they are just the same. It's a bit boring now. 

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