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Strictly Speaking - James and Ola: Emma and Aljaz were overmarked, Mike needs to get serious and Will and Janette's performance was beautiful 

Find out James and Ola's thoughts on Strictly week five

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James and Ola Jordan announced the exciting news that they were expecting their first baby together back in September, but this week it became real for the pair after they attended their first Baby Show. "It was really good fun," Ola said. "It was the first time I've looked at any baby stuff or any furniture or anything. It feels really real now, my belly's sticking out now, I'm like, 'Oh my God!' It's really exciting. Scary as well!" James also had a great time at the event, adding: "I loved the buggies, they're my domain now!" Despite getting everything ready for their new addition, they of course had time to watch the fifth week of Strictly Come Dancing, and this week they've given their thoughts on Mike Bushell's novelty performance, the questionable music choices and Emma and Aljaz's high scoring routine...

James: This week was a good show but I did feel that some of the music - Oh my God - some of the music choices just don't work for the dances. I understand that maybe they're trying to be different, but sometimes it's better to go with stuff that you know works rather than trying to be clever and choose something different.

Ola: For me it was the Samba that Mike danced to. I know that they did it for Alfonso and it was all fun but there was no Samba! No Samba action when it came to his dancing. It wasn't a song to dance Samba to, so for me it was a bit of a joke dance. I didn't really take it seriously at all. It's a bit shame because I think that Mike has quite a lot of potential to be good but he's going totally the wrong way. Stop messing about so much! It gets boring! He should come out next week and do something serious. Maybe he'll have read our tweets!

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James: Yeah, Katya was trying to make their dance an Ed Balls moment, one of those iconic moments, but it just failed. Katya is a lovely girl, I've known her for years, but I just didn't get it. I didn't understand what it was about. We're old fashioned you see! I do like funny, I liked Ann Widdecombe and Ed Balls but with Mike it was forced, and when it's forced it's not funny anymore. But maybe I'm being a bit grumpy! Let's talk about the performances we did like [laughs].

Ola: Some of the couples that I didn't really expect a lot from really pulled it out of the bag! The couples where I expect a lot maybe weren't quite as good as I thought they would be.

James: The problem is that there are going to be some dances which suit you and others that don't because in ballroom and Latin each dance is so different. There will be some which really suit you and others which don't. For example last night in my opinion, Neil and Alex were the most improved. Each week week on week I watch her and think, 'Oh my gosh, she's really not good. She's got no natural rhythm'. But last night that dance suited her. Neil is a very clever boy when it comes to choreography, I thought the whole piece from beginning to end really worked well. And if I looked at that on paper, they're wearing suits and the dance wasn't very traditional. But he did such a good great job with the choreography.

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Ola: Yes absolutely. It suited her. She pulled it off and she really made it look good. It's by far her best dance and I hope it stays like that for her. It might be a bit hard but she was very good. Credit where credit's due! Ballroom is very different to the Charleston style dancing but she could be a contender.

James: I'm not sure if her Ballroom and Latin will lift to that level but we will see! Another couple that I haven't been that impressed with myself, Ola has been more than me, was Saffron and AJ. They're both young and when you're young, it helps a lot. They're a good looking couple but haven't really done anything that has really blown me away. That being said, last night, she did a Foxtrot and technically her footwork was the best we've seen so far this series from anyone.

strictly saffron

Ola: Yes! She put the hours in, she did the heel turns, her posture was very nice compared to other people. I was quite impressed by her yesterday, I've got to say. She did really well this week, I liked it! Who do you think will be going this week?

James: Well, no one deserves to go out. I know how hard everyone works. I do feel that David sticks out as clearly the worst dancer. If we're talking just on dancing, forget the public vote, David is the weakest dancer and it's maybe his time to go, but who knows!

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Ola: Whoever goes, I have to say that the pros did an amazing job last night, they all work really hard. What they create is amazing.

James: For sure. My favourite performance of last night by million gazillion miles was Will and Janette. It was very unexpected. I think that's what the show is about creating moments like that where you're just blown away by something and it was really really quite moving. He's been improving and managing his disability in a way that you don't necessarily see it because I think that he's grown, like the first week I could really see and now I feel that he's getting so comfortable within his movement that you're not necessarily seeing it as much. But last night, you know, of course, the VT talking about it, but the dance, the music, the choreography that Janette put together, it was just so inspirational.

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Ola: James welled up!

James: I had a tear I must say, and that's not like me. I've become a right softie! I think it was absolutely stunning. Ola didn't cry though.

Ola: No I didn't! I've become colder in my old age, ha! It was a beautiful, emotional piece but I was too busy looking at my husband sobbing like, 'What ARE you doing?' [Laughs]. What did you think of the contemporary dance overall?

James: I'm not usually a fan of the whole choosing your dance and all that because I'm a traditionalist. The reason Strictly is such a success is because it's Ballroom and Latin dancing. Having said that, there have been a couple of routines - for example when Dev and Diane did that street dance and this week when Will and Janette did the contemporary dance. Two amazing pieces that we wouldn't have perhaps seen had it not been there. So as much as I don't really rate it, it has created some wonderful, wonderful pieces. You have had these standout moments.

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Ola: Speaking of stand out performances, Karim was excellent too. He was as good as some of the pros. He was the best of the night, best dancer. That being said, it wasn't necessarily the best performance. It wasn't my favourite performance but he's the best dancer. He's actually really ridiculously good!

James: As a dancer, Karim is better than Saffron but as a performance, Saffron did a really good job. I wouldn't disagree with this week's leaderboard. This week he was just good but he didn't blow me away. He's still one of the frontrunners. I said from day one the final will be Karim, Kelvin and Saffron. But they seem to really like Michelle Visage. For what she did last night in comparison to the others, she got good marks. They are trying to keep her in. But overall it was a very good show, the judges behaved.

strictly karim

Ola: Shall we talk about Aljaz and Emma now?

James: Yes! Were they worth four nines? Absolutely never in a million years! What I found fascinating when I was watching, and I said to Ola before the dance even started, I was like, 'Wow, production has thrown literally everything into this one'.

Ola: That's true, they had all the drapes hanging from the ceiling, hanging all around. The music was beautiful, the costumes, the smoke around the floor giving you the mood... They literally put everything into that dance that they possibly could.

James: Exactly. And in my opinion it was to try and fool the public that it was actually better than what it was. Her posture was off, she's still got that really funny head position, she doesn't move around the floor that well, the dress was really long so you couldn't clearly see her foot work. It was a really nice dance, but I'm not stupid! I see all the little tricks. No one else had all the smoke and the drapes and some people have really dodgy music. It was one of those dances which I felt everything kind of came together and it was a coincidence that they were in the bottom two last week.

strictly emma

Ola: So do you think they pulled out all of the stops because they were saved last week?

James: One hundred per cent. There was such a big thing about Dev going home and so they've gone, 'There you go, bang, four nines, she deserves to stay.' As for the other high scores, there's been times in years before, I've always said, if that was week eight, it would have been a 10. I think it's a bit stupid because if a dance is worth the 10, you should give it out a 10. But then there's lots of times they do give that score and I go, 'Well that was never a 10.' I just think that sometimes they give them out willy nilly. I don't think anyone deserved a 10 yesterday. No one.

Ola: I must say the amount of people when I'm tweeting who come back and say, 'You're the only judges that we take seriously!' is hilarious. People say, 'Oh we have to watch five minutes behind so we can see your comments, as the judges are scoring!'

James: It's so funny! I really liked Alfonso as a judge last night though. You can't take him seriously because he doesn't really know anything about footwork but he's very positive which is nice. He's in for a week, of course if he was there all the time he'd have to make a change, but it's quite refreshing having him on the panel. He always seems to go one point higher than everyone else, a bit of a boost! I like him a lot. He's a good addition I think.

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