Libby Clegg: why the blind Dancing on Ice star was advised not to go on the show

We think Libby is doing an amazing job

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Libby Clegg has opened up about why she was advised not to perform on Dancing on Ice. The Paralympic champion, who is registered blind, previously revealed that her coach didn't think it was the "best year" for her to take part. Chatting to The Telegraph, she explained: "Paula [Dunn] expressed it’s really not the best year to do it and I completely agree with her, but these opportunities don’t come around very often. I felt like if I didn’t take it I’d regret not doing it. I weighed up the options and it gives me an opportunity to get myself in front of a different audience and open other doors for me. I’ve got a son now so I need to think about financially making the most of situations."


Libby opened up about the show

Libby has a deteriorating eye condition called Stargardt's Macular Degeneration, meaning that she only has slight peripheral vision in one eye. However, this hasn't stopped her from performing on the show with her partner, Mark Henretty. Speaking about the show, she said: "I can’t see so don’t feel dizzy or nauseous when I do spins. Although I can’t watch my partner demonstrate moves on the ice, I have great hearing so listen to his skates and try to mimic the clicks, scrapes and foot placements I hear. I count the number of strides it takes to reach the barrier of the rink so I don’t just fly into it. And, touch wood, I’ve not had any injuries. I don’t suffer things other people do."

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Libby is doing amazingly on the show

Libby most recently received a score of 28 on the show, and viewers have called the mum-of-one "inspirational". One fan tweeted: "Libby will take on anything... amazing." Another added: "Big respect to Libby what an inspirational woman - well done girl." 

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