Michelle Keegan opens up about lonely final days filming Our Girl

Our Girl is returning to BBC

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Michelle Keegan revealed that she was the left "on her own" for the filming of her final scenes in Our Girl. The actress, who is leaving the show at the end of the brand new fourth series, explained to HELLO! and other reporters during an interview and exclusive screening last month that her final days on set were solitary as her co-stars had already finished filming.

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"We had the wrap party on the Friday and everyone went home on the Saturday and Sunday, but I wasn't finishing until the Tuesday so everyone went home and I was on my own," the 32-year-old explained. Despite being left alone for her final days on the military drama, the actress, who played the role of Georgie Lane for four years, was keen to see the positives. "[It] sort of worked for me because it was like me like saying goodbye to Georgie on my own."

She continued: "And it was a real big emotional scene with me and this lady, and I sort of released everything. I think part of me was upset that I was leaving, I was still grieving [Georgie's late fiancé] Elvis and it just came all at once, but I think that was a bit of a release so it worked for the scene."

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The new series is Michelle's last as Georgie Lane

Michelle also spoke about the tough decision she made about leaving the role. "It was a really, really difficult decision, it didn't come lightly," she began. "But I just felt like I wanted to explore other opportunities. I've been doing it four years now, and I absolutely love the show. Honestly, I really do and I love playing the character and I'm going to miss her."

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On the new series, Michelle explained: "It's more emotion-led this one... She's in the UK and she's been promoted to sergeant, and she's training a girl called Mimi. And you see in the first episode that there's an altercation and Mimi didn't handle it very well and she wants me to go [to Afghanistan], so she ends up joining them." She explained further: "But I think part of that reason for her to go is for her to get closure as well because that's where Elvis got killed. And you'll see again in the series that she hasn't actually dealt with his death. She's still grieving. And there's some form of PTSD there as well."

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