Alex Jones reveals strict new rules on The One Show

The One Show has strict new rules in order to be able to stay on the air 

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Alex Jones has revealed the strict new rules surrounding The One Show - and it sounds like quite a lonely place to be at the moment! The presenter, who is hosting the popular show solo at the moment while her co-star, Matt Baker, has been in self-isolation, explained the restrictions on Tuesday's episode - which included having no studio audience and just one cameraman. 


Alex spoke about the new rules on the show

Pointing out the almost empty studio, she said: "We are trying to do our best to follow the Prime Minister's instructions so we have cut back on everything. The studio is practically empty. We are down to bare minimum and me." She was joined by Adrian Chiles, who joked about returning to the show a decade after he presented it himself. He said: "I always wondered what it would take to get me back on The One Show, and now I know: global pandemic. When you say we're down to the bare minimum, we really are down to the bare minimum." 

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Matt Baker recently updated fans on his health on social media, saying: "We're still on lockdown, but we're doing alright." He continued: "I'm feeling a lot better today actually and the kids are fine, totally fine." The presenter is no doubt doing everything he can to keep busy and active while in isolation. The One Show originally confirmed that he would be taking time off work in a statement which read: "@missalexjones will be holding down the fort as Matt Baker is now self-isolating due to symptoms in his household. But don't worry Bakerettes, we can still hear from him!"

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