Matthew and Amelia Wright

Matthew Wright reveals shock after wife verbally abused during walk

Matthew Wright opened up about the incident on This Morning

Emmy Griffiths

Matthew Wright has opened up about how his wife Amelia was verbally abused by a jogger who came in very close proximity to them both, despite warnings about social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Chatting on This Morning via a video call, Matthew was discussing whether people need to be reported during the current climate, and opened up about what happened. 

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WATCH: Matthew Wright talks his wife being verbally abused

The TV presenter explained: "My wife and I took the dog and the baby for the one walk in the day, I think it was on Saturday. The dog now has to be on a lead, so he was on a lead. A jogger came so close that he stumbled over the dog and then he called my wife the world's worst swear word. I have to say, at that point I really wish there was an officer on hand to have a word. Maybe we should get them arrested! We've never lived in a world like this!" 


Matthew and Amelia had been out for their one walk for the day

This Morning is still airing on ITV despite the lockdown, as the show has been considered an essential service. Explaining the situation, Holly Willoughby previously said: "Right let's start by explaining, probably for the first time ever, why we are here today." Taking over, Phillip continued: "The government has classed us as an essential service for the time being to bring the latest news on the virus, to answer your concerns with our doctors, to offer useful advice and to hopefully lighten the load as only This Morning knows how."

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Speaking about how things have changed in the studio, Holly continued: "We are running with skeleton staff from now on and with lots of people working from home and all our regular behind-the-scenes services cut back to an absolute minimum." Co-host Phillip added: "A lot of our crew have just brought the cameras through from Good Morning Britain so we're using their cameras, there are millions more of us quite rightly staying at home though, and if you are new to us, hello good morning we're hoping you're going to stay with us for the next couple of hours or so."

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