Will Mellor on Loose Women

Will Mellor shares his dad's last words to him before his death in heartbreaking interview

The Hollyoaks actor lost his dad in April

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Hollyoaks star Will Mellor has opened up about losing his dad in April in an interview on Loose Women, and explained that he had to say goodbye to him while being unable to see him in person. He explained: "I got a phone call out of the blue that he collapsed, he'd had a seizure. Then he got taken in, then they found a mass on his lung and it had gone to his brain, and that was what was causing the seizure, and it was cancer. He died within two weeks." 

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WATCH: Will talks losing his dad in April

He continued: "One of the last things he said when he was being taken in the ambulance was he just wants to go to sleep and not wake up. He knew what was in front of him. It happened to my uncle, he wasted away and my Dad didn’t want that to happen. He got his wish. I get peace from that." Speaking about still having to social distance from his family while grieving the loss of his dad, Will added: "I couldn’t even hug him or hug my mum. I had to go round there and break down in the corner of the garden. My sister was in the other corner, just a really, really tough time. It just made a hard time even harder.

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Will spoke about the heartbreak of losing his dad

Speaking about what was keeping him together, the Broadchurch actor explained: "I did a lot with my dad, he was my hero. I’d been dreading the day he’d pass away for a long time, so I thought, ‘We have to make sure we fill in the pages now and go and do things.’ We went everywhere together, went to Vegas, watched boxing, went to stay with people in Borneo, went to see orangutans, I have amazing memories. He said to me a lot, ‘When I go, don’t be too upset, I’ve had a great life.' That’s what is keeping me together, the memories. I’m glad I had those things with him and that’s where I’ll be getting my strength from in the future." 

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Will has been working with the Stand By Your Men campaign, and encouraged viewers to speak about their feelings. "I just wanted to speak today to say it is ok not to be okay," he explained. "It’s ok to reach out. I’ve had amazing support."