Paul Mescal reunites with Normal People co-star India Cullen as lockdown measures are eased

The pair are roommates, but spent lockdown apart as India headed back to Dublin

Andrea Caamano

Paul Mescal has been self-isolating by himself since March, so it's no surprise that he was incredibly happy to be reunited with his two best friends and roommates, who have just returned to London after spending lockdown with their families.

Taking to Instagram on Saturday, the actor, 24, shared a picture of Normal People co-star India Mullen, who plays Peggy in the hit BBC show, alongside his other flat mate, Oisin Boyd, as they enjoyed a few drinks in the park.


Paul shared a picture of his to roommates, India and Oisin

"Home pals," he captioned the sweet snap, showing India and Oisin posing together whilst sitting in front of Paul in the grass.

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Paul moved in with India and Oisin before lockdown, but soon after, they temporarily moved away leaving him enjoying the flat all to himself. Oisin announced he was travelling back to London on Saturday, after spending the last few months at home in Greystones, Ireland. India, on the other hand, spent lockdown in Dublin.

Many have speculated that Paul and India are more than just friends, but earlier this month the star referred to her as his "best mate" as he thanked her for shooting some pictures of him for Mr Porter magazine.


Paul has been self-isolating alone whilst India and Oisin spent time with their families

"The best part of this shoot was that one of my best mates the crazily talented @indiamullen (who is also INSANELY brilliant as Peggy in "Normal People") shot it," he captioned the pictures on his Instagram.

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Paul, however, is very keen to find himself a partner. Speaking on the I'm Grand Mam podcast, he confessed: "I'm definitely looking forward to dating again. "I’m trying not to think of how different it's all going to be now that people have seen Normal People."

He added: "I'm trying not to think of it being weird because I think, we've been in lockdown for months and I've had no opportunity to meet somebody new or being remotely intimate with anybody."