Normal People's Paul Mescal reveals his favourite scene with Daisy Edgar-Jones and you'll be surprised

The hit BBC show generated 16.2 million views in its first week

It's safe to say that Normal People is one of the most popular series of the decade, with each and every one of its 12 episodes being as good as the next. Now, Paul Mescal, who plays Connell Waldron in the hit BBC show, has revealed his favourite scene with his co-star Daisy Edgar-Jones, and you'll be surprised by it.

Talking to Daisy, 22, who portrays Marianne Sheridan, in a video with IMDb, the good friends played "ask each other anything," with the pair revealing never-before-known facts, such as Daisy's favourite film and Paul's favourite scene from the series.


"Which of our scenes together was your favourite?" asked Daisy. To which Paul surprisingly revealed: "I think one that kind of sticks out in my memory is when they meet in Trinity for the first time and they go upstairs and they talk.

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"And I just really enjoyed filming that because that kind of was in the first two weeks of filming and that was kind of one of the first days that there was a bit of time pressure."

He added: "We both just kind of had to click into each other and kind of deliver under a bit of pressure. I'm really proud of the scene in the episode."

He later gushed about Daisy's performance in the scene, saying: "You were really brilliant in it."

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Paul and Daisy became incredibly close during the filming of the show, which took five months to film. Asking Daisy in the video how difficult she found it to be filming for such a long time, Daisy explained: "It was difficult in many ways because I think it's a real kind of stamina test because obviously, we were in every single day.

"We couldn't afford to not be switched on and on form," she said.