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Hamilton is coming to Disney+ - but what is it actually about? 

Are you looking forward to watching Lin Manuel-Miranda's hit musical? 

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We're past patiently waiting! Hamilton has finally arrived on Disney+, and fans have been buzzing about being able to see the hugely popular show, complete with the original cast, up close and on a streaming service for the very first time. 


The popular show, which was created by and stars Lin Manuel-Miranda, has been an astronomical success, with a massive fan following including the likes of Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, Barack and Michelle Obama and Emily Blunt. But what is the hip hop period drama musical actually about? Find out all of the details here...

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WATCH: The intense new trailer for the Hamilton musical starring Lin Manuel Miranda

Inspired by a 2004 biography, Alexander Hamilton, the musical follows the life and times of one of America's founding fathers, Alexander Hamilton. The historical figure, who is incidentally on America's ten-dollar bill, was integral to how the US was formed after achieving independence in 1776, formed America's bank, the Coast Guard, the New York Post and much more. 

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Leslie Odom Jr. plays Aaron Burr

As such, the musical looks at how Alexander, a penniless orphan who was born in the Caribbean, became one of America's most important minds of the time due entirely to his own merit. Some of the key songs look at his friendship with George Washington, the war against Britain for independence, and his acrimonious relationships with other key figures at the time, including Aaron Burr and Thomas Jefferson. 

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Alexander's life was also filled with scandal and tragedy, which only makes the musical all the more fascinating. He had a complicated relationship with his wife's sister, Angelica, and was responsible for one of America's first-ever publicised sex scandals when it was revealed that he had paid a man's wife in order to have an affair with her. He also tragically lost his son, who was killed as a teenager in a duel, and met his own tragic death at a young age. 


Lin Manuel-Miranda created the musical and plays Alexander Hamilton

Despite being a period drama, the musical is largely made up of hip hop and R&B style songs, with moments including political debates being performed as rap battles. There are also plenty of classic musical moments, and a top-notch Brit-pop number from King George VI, played in this case by Jonathan Groff. So are you ready to watch? You get nothing if you wait for it wait for it wait...

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