Hercules with Meg

Disney is making a live-action Hercules and fans are thrilled

Ariana Grande to play Meg, right?! 

Emmy Griffiths

Disney will be making a live-action version of their hugely popular film Hercules, according to reports. DisInsider.com revealed that the studio has The Lion King and The Mandalorian producers Jeffery Silver and Karen Gilchrist on board to produce, and (and much more importantly) will feature the original songs from the animation. We're so excited to see this one go the distance!


Are you looking forward to the live-action version?

Although Disney+ has released some brilliant original content including a live-action Lady and the Tramp and The Mandalorian, it looks like the new Hercules film will follow in the footsteps of Mulan and Beauty and the Beast with a theatrical release. Meanwhile, Disney+ has confirmed that they will be making live-action versions of Robin Hood and Lilo & Stitch for the streaming service. 

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Hercules follows the story of the son of Zeus, who grows up with human parents after being snatched from Mount Olympus. After finding out who he truly is, Hercules becomes committed to being a hero in order to take his place among the gods, and meets the sassy love of his life Meg on the journey. 

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Fans were delighted by the news, with one writing: "If there's any Disney remake that I think could really be unique and wildly exciting is that of #Hercules. I especially envision how great the opening scene could look with today's CGI and cine work. I hope that Disney can prove me right." Another added: "If @DannyDeVito isn’t back as Phil we don’t want it." Others were also quick to suggest casting ideas, with fans suggesting that Ariana Grande, Krysten Ritter or Katherine Langford could play Meg,  and Riverdale actor KJ Apa or Rome Flynn could play Hercules. 

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