365 Days trilogy ending angered fans - find out why 

Have you watched Netflix's steamiest film yet? 

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Netflix's risque film 365 Days has remained in the top ten most-watched shows and films in the UK since it was released earlier this month, and as such fans are convinced that there will be a sequel in the works. 

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Since there are three books in the Polish book series by Blanka Lipińska, there is plenty of material to make more movies. However, it sounds like fans of the books were not at all impressed by how the love story of Laura and Massimo wraps up. Find out what happens here...


Michele Morrone plays Massimo in 365 Days

The third and final novel, Another 365 Days, has a 2.9-star rating out of five on Goodreads, and plenty of fans have taken to the site to discuss the final novel. According to the readers, the Polish novel follows Laura as she falls in love with another Italian mob boss named Nacho and spends more time with him, with Massimo reacting by killing her pet dog and sending it to her. 

He then kidnaps her for a second time and she ends up escaping and ending up with Nacho. Speaking about the ending, one person wrote: "Why write a love story and then ruin it? There's no point. I will not read this last book. This is pure nonsense with the characters. The author must rewrite the third book. She owes it to all the fans." 


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Another person wrote: "The last book destroyed all magic of the series. The heroine was maddening, acting like brat. I totally started resenting her. Hate what happened with Massimo, how the author changed him, turned 180 [degrees]." 

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However, some fans enjoying the final instalment, with one writing: "I feel so sorry for Massimo, despite what he did. I believe that he really loved Laura, but the betrayal of a loved one leads to the most terrible things. In general, I think Massimo deserves to be happy. I hope that there will be a fourth book about it."