Piers Morgan and Dizzee Rascal

Piers Morgan rebutted by Dizzee Rascal after asking him about Black Lives Matter movement

Viewers praised Dizzee Rascal's response to Piers' questioning

Emmy Griffiths

Piers Morgan clashed with Dizzee Rascal during an interview on Good Morning Britain on Tuesday after asking the performer for his opinion on the Black Lives Matter movement. Dizzee, who was appearing on the show to discuss drive-in musical concerts, declined to speak on the matter, asking Piers: "I am not the black spokesman?" and adding that it was too early to voice his opinion on the topic. The pair sparred afterwards, with Dizzee joking that he wouldn't let Piers talk over him. Watch the video here...



WATCH: Dizzee Rascal and Piers Morgan clash on GMB

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Viewers were quick to speak out in support of Dizzee after the interview, with one tweeting: "I’m so happy the way Dizzee Rascal called out Piers Morgan for asking him about BLM on GMB - why does every white host ask every black person about BLM but not white people?!" Another added: "Bravo Dizzee Rascal for gracefully telling Piers Morgan that he was there to talk about music not Black Lives Matter." 

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