Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid

Piers Morgan bans certain viewers from watching Good Morning Britain 

The GMB presenter opened up about the social media abuse they had received 

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Piers Morgan has "banned" certain viewers from watching Good Morning Britain, claiming that "racist" and "stupid" people were no longer allowed to tune in and watch their show. Chatting to his co-host, Susanna Reid, about Twitter trolls, he said: "Some bloke was giving me some, we were getting so much Twitter abuse from racists yesterday and I say, 'Look you're banned! You're banned from ever watching us again. You, your family, that's it.'" 

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WATCH: Piers bans viewers from watching GMB

He then did an impression of one of the trolls, adding: "Yes mate, you're banned. Lifetime ban for being not only racist, but stupid. We can't have stupid people watching our programme." The conversation began after Piers discussed Yorkshire Tea's social media team's response to someone claiming they were "chuffed" that the brand "hasn’t supported BLM", requesting that they never buy the tea again. 


Piers spoke out against racists on GMB

Piers said: "The thing about racists is they’re often so stupid, she will think she is banned. She’ll actually think she is banned that’s the thing about racists, they’re so thick. I asked on Twitter can all stupid people please stop following me, and they did... I like the idea of this, they can’t do anything that they would otherwise enjoy like a tea or their breakfast show, apart from sitting in their festering little dungeon being racists. Well you can do without your Good Morning Britain, your morning tea, your PG Tips." 

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During the latest instalment of the breakfast show, the pair also came under fire for joking about Prime Minister Boris Johnson's hair during his latest address, with Piers suggesting that he looked like "Worzel Gummidge". His comments drew criticism from some viewers, with one writing: "This is really out of order. No respect whatsoever... and why? Because @BorisJohnson wouldn’t appear on @GMB. Shameful behaviour." Another disagreed, writing: "I couldn’t agree more. About time someone’s said it." 

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