Bradley and Barney Walsh left ill after filming travel show

Breaking Dad has been a huge hit with viewers

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After road tripping around America for their father and son roadshow, Breaking Dad, Bradley Walsh and his son Barney were left feeling seriously poorly after pushing themselves too far during several challenges. The pair, who are currently in lockdown with the rest of the country, are currently starring in a special which shows the best and never-before-seen moments from their adventures.

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Previously chatting on This Morning, the pair admitted that the itinerary for the trip was seriously intense, and Barney was concerned that he had taken one adventure "too far".


The pair were taken ill on the trip

Barney said: "There was one point that I thought I’d taken it too far. I had to do the activity first and I was like, 'Wow, this is tough'." The Doctor Who star added: "It actually made us ill for a couple of days didn’t it? It actually made us ill." Barney shared a video of the upcoming series on his Instagram account, and captioned it: "Had so much fun making this show with my dad!"

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In the clip, the pair take a boat trip on a river full of alligators and sky dive out of a plan. In the clip, Bradley can also be heard sweetly telling his son that the road trip has been a highlight of his life. Joking about whether they fell out on the show, Bradley said: "Only out of a plane!"

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Bradley's son is also an actor and a presenter, whose credits include King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, Indulgence and Doctors. He also recently presented Miss World, and opened up about the experience on Instagram, writing: "Wow guys... what a truly incredible month it’s been. I say time and time again that Miss World is the coolest job ever and I MEAN IT!!! Meeting 120 people from every corner of the globe is something only a handful of people can say they’ve experienced, and to do it all in the tropical paradise of Sanya is the icing on the cake. Hosting the final alongside my Miss World family is a dream come true and I’m so excited for what’s to come in 2019."

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