Floor is Lava

Viewers are all saying the same thing about Netflix's The Floor is Lava

The reality show contest sees teams try to survive an obstacle course... above lava 

Emmy Griffiths

Remember that game we all played when we were little? The floor was lava and so you had to use cushions, tables and chairs to survive - and if you touched the ground, you were out. Now imagine that as a Total Wipeout-style reality show competition, and you've got Netflix's latest much-talked-about series, The Floor is Lava. 

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Each episode of the popular show sees teams of three people compete to make their way across a tricky obstacle course, all the while trying to avoid the 'lava' beneath. The rooms all have different themes, including a giant bedroom and outer space. Competing against the other teams, the winner of the episode wins around £8,000 ($10,00000). 

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Fans have been loving the series, and plenty took to Twitter to praise the decision to edit the series so it looks like the competitors permanently disappear after falling into the lava below. 

One person wrote: "I really like how #FloorIsLava on Netflix is edited to make it look like people disappear forever once they enter the lava." Another added: "Watching #FloorIsLavaNetflix and the adult in me is aware these people are probably falling into the 'lava' and getting fished out between cuts. But the child in me is hoping they get sucked up into a tube Augustus Gloop style." 


Would you survive the lava?

Another viewer shared a clip of the show, where a contestant fell dramatically into the lava before disappearing out of sight, and tweeted: "#FloorIsLava on Netflix is serving ALL the melodrama I didn’t know I needed in my life." 

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The show is hosted by Top Gear US host Rutledge Wood, who also chimed in about the lava when a fan asked where the contestants go when they fall in, writing: "No one knowssssss! Lavaaaaaa!! Thanks for watching #FloorIsLava."