The Other One creator Holly Walsh reveals hilarious true story behind the show

Are you watching the BBC sitcom?

Francesca Shillcock

If you're a fan of comedy then brand new sitcom The Other One on the BBC is sure to leave you in stitches. The series, which stars Ellie White and Laurence Socha, tells the story of Cathy and Cat – two young women who are unaware they're half-sisters until their father dies.

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The new comedy was inspired by a true story

Now that they're acquainted, the two work on getting to know each other and navigating their new-found lives. And it seems that while the comedy is based on the fiction writing of creator Holly Walsh, the series, which consists of seven episodes, is somewhat based on true life. 

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In an interview with Digital Spy, Holly explained the hilarious she had been told that is familiar to the one in the BBC show. "Quite a while ago my friend was telling me about a friend of her parents, who in the '70s had two families and he'd called both the kids the same name just to cover his tracks. And I thought, 'Oh my God, that's a ready-made sitcom idea already.'"

The writer, who is also known for her stand-up comedy work, added: "But I wasn't that interested in the guy. I was more interested in what everyone else thought about that situation."

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Lauren Socha from Misfits stars in the new sitcom

Taking on the role of Cathy, an uptight insurance worker who initially struggles with her new-found family, is Ellie White. Viewers may recognise Ellie from her roles in The Windsors, Stath Lets Flats, and This Time with Alan Partridge.

Starring as Cathy's half-sister, also called Catherine but known as Cat, is Lauren Socha. Cat works as a delivery driver for Deliveroo and has a more carefree attitude to life. The two sisters begin to learn from each-others differing personalities and begin to bond as the series progresses. Lauren is perhaps best known for her role as Kelly in E4 drama Misfits, but has also had roles in Catastrophe, Plebs and Five Daughters.

The Other One continues on BBC on Friday at 9pm. All episodes of The Other One are available on BBC iPlayer.

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