All you need to know on true case behind Manhunt: The Raoul Moat Story

The documentary airs on ITV on Thursday

Francesca Shillcock

ITV is set to air a new documentary on Thursday evening, exploring the infamous manhunt of Raoul Moat in 2010 after he shot three people.

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The one-off documentary, fronted by journalist and Long Lost Family presenter Nicky Campbell, will delve deeper into the case, looking at archive footage combined with interviews from family members and authorities – all to try and make sense of a tragic crime that shook the nation ten years ago. Want to know a bit more about the case ahead of the show? Here's what we know...

What is the story behind Manhunt: The Raoul Moat on ITV?

In 2010, a former bouncer from Newcastle, Raoul Moat, was released from prison after serving a short sentence. Just two days later, he went on the run after shooting dead his ex-girlfriend Samantha's new partner, Chris, and severely injuring her in the process.

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The manhunt was considered one of Britain's largest in history

Over the following seven days, a manhunt chase ensued that gripped the nation as it played out on national news. Raoul was said to have a vendetta against the police, after discovering his ex's new partner was a PC. Before he shot Chris, Raoul posted numerous hate messages and threats towards the police online. The ITV documentary will see archive footage from the case, as well as hear from the murder victim Chris' family including his sister, Beckie and mother Sally. Viewers will also hear from police working on the scene, witnesses and reporters.


Chris Brown was the murder victim in the case

What happened to Raoul Moat?

During his seven days on the run, Raoul shot PC David Rathband, putting him in a critical condition in hospital and permanently blind. Soon after the manhunt Raoul was located in Rothbury and cornered by 160 armed police officers and armed response vehicles – with some even brought in from other forces. Sniper teams, helicopters and dogs were all involved in the operation, which is considered the largest manhunt in British history. After a six hour stand-off, Raoul shot himself and was pronounced dead at the scene.

When is Manhunt: The Raoul Moat on TV?

The documentary airs on Thursday 9pm on ITV.

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