The Durrells: what happened to the real-life Durrell children? 

The show is based on Gerald Durrell's Corfu trilogy

Emmy Griffiths

We are loving the repeat episodes The Durrells on ITV. The drama, which is even enjoyed by the Queen herself, looks at the real-life story of a single mother who moved to Corfu with her four children in tow. So what happened to Margot, Leslie, Gerry and Larry in real life? Find out here...

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Gerry Durrell

Gerry penned the Corfu trilogy on which the series is based, and like his character in the show, he went on to have a lifelong fascination for zoology and nature. He worked as a naturalist and conversationist, as a zookeeper, and eventually founded the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. Gerry died in 1995, aged 70. 


Gerald went on to be a keen conservationist 

Larry Durrell

Lawrence or 'Larry', who is played by Josh O'Connor in the show, was a writer like his younger brother Gerry, and was perhaps best known for The Alexandria Quartet. He also became a diplomat, married four times and ended up living in France after extensive travelling. He passed away in November 1990. 


Lawrence married four times 

Margot Durrell

Margaret, or Margot as she's known on the show, remained on the island of Corfu after her family returned to the UK in 1939, and ended up marrying a Royal Air Force pilot and moving to South Africa. They eventually settled in Bournemouth and welcomed two children together before splitting, and she later remarried Mac Duncan. Following her divorce, Margot bought and ran a boarding house where she housed her brother Gerry's zoology collection. She passed away in January 2007. 


Margaret ended up running a boarding house and wrote a memoir about the experience


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Leslie Durrell 

While all three of his siblings published novels or memoirs in their lifetime, Leslie remained out of the spotlight, and lived a private life. According to the Corfu trilogy, he has a passion for sailing, guns and hunting, and after returning to the UK ahead of World War II, he worked in an RAF factory. Leslie passed away in 1983. 


Leslie worked in a RAF factory during WWII 

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