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Viewers are saying the same thing about the Strike: Lethal White finale 

Did you enjoy the show's finale? 

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Strike: Lethal White's finale aired on Sunday night, and fans took to Twitter to discuss the plot or, more accurately, to discuss the budding romance between Cormoran and Robin!

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While the fourth episode of the drama (spoiler alert) revealed that Jasper Chiswell's son Raphael and his wife Kinvara were behind his murder, viewers seemed keener to obsess over Cormoran and Robin, who are both finally single for the first time in the series. 

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One person wrote: "Am not really that bothered anymore. All I’m interested in is whether these two get together." Another added: "The scene they added for the office. The palpable looks of love between them and then the longing in Strike’s face as he looks at Robin. Crikey. Wonderful. Tom Burke is so damn talented." 


Do you want Robin and Cormoran to start dating? 

A third person wrote: "Me right now after watching Cormoran and Robin’s awkward hug and accidental nearly kiss." Another viewer opened up about Cormoran's ex-girlfriend Charlotte, who appears in the episode to tell the detective that she wants him back - despite being heavily pregnant with her husband's twins. They wrote: "I may be wrong but telling your ex you want him back whilst heavily pregnant with another man’s baby is probably not the best timing." 


Robin finally leaves her husband in the new series

Tom Burke, who plays Cormoran, opened up about the character's relationship with Charlotte, saying: "It’s not immediately obvious why somebody like Strike would get so caught up with somebody like Charlotte. But I suspect a lot of his behaviour is to do with a kind of comfort or insulation - he likes his stodgy food, his beer, and he’s had this strange, painful childhood which is still a raw nerve. 

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"His relationship with Charlotte is like somebody willfully running towards pain. What’s going on there? I think some part of him must want that." 

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