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Strike: Lethal White viewers saying the same thing about the new series 

The BBC One drama sees the return of Cormoran and Robin 

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Strike: Lethal White fans have taken to social media to discuss the new series, with several viewers admitting that they have struggled to follow the first two episodes of season four.

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The show, which began on Sunday, follows Cormoran Strike and his detective partner, Robin Ellacott, as they solve grisly crimes in London. However, the story has been proving confusing for some, with one taking to Twitter to write: "#Strike does anyone understand what’s going on?" 

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Another person tweeted: "I'm lost. Is his female partner just married or did she leave hubby while on honeymoon? Or did hubby die of an infection? Or is she still living with him while working with Strike?" A third person added that they would be struggling if they hadn't already read JK Rowling's novel, writing: "I enjoyed watching #LethalWhite but if I hadn’t read the book I wouldn’t have had a clue what was going on." 


In the new series, Cormoran helps MP Jasper Chiswell find out who is blackmailing him

One viewer was so perplexed by the plot that they admitted they switched it off, tweeting: "I am afraid I gave up on it, never knew there was a book." 

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In season four, Cormoran and Robin are visited by a disturbed young man, Billy, who tells them he witnessed the murder of a young girl when he was growing up. Meanwhile, Cormoran is asked to work for a wealthy MP, Jasper Chiswell, who is being blackmailed for a mysterious reason. After Cormoran realises that Billy grew up living on Jasper's estate, he believes that the two cases may be connected. 


Have you been enjoying the series so far?

Meanwhile, Robin is in an unhappy marriage with Matthew, who she discovers deleted her voicemails from Cormoran in the season three finale. However, episodes one and two of the new show reveal that after reluctantly going on their holiday and deciding to end their relationship then and there, Matthew has a brush with death after being stung, which stopped Robin from breaking up with him. 

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