This royal family member starred in Red Dwarf - did you spot her? 

The sci-fi show has the royal seal of approval!

Red Dwarf is a hugely popular sci-fi show - but did you know that it has the royal seal of approval? A member of the royal family starred in the beloved series back in 2009 as the science officer, Katerina Bartokovsky. 

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Lady Frederick Windsor, who is also known as Sophie Winkleman, played the role in the three-part miniseries, Red Dwarf: Back to Earth. It was the first time the show has returned to television in over a decade, and see the characters return to earth only to find out they are characters in the TV show Red Dwarf. Meta, right? 

Sophie played Katerina in the hit show

Sophie's character, Katerina, was a hallucination induced by a despair squid's ink. As the Russian science officer on the ship before the accident, she is strict and very clever, eventually making herself the ship's hologram. 

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The star most recently appeared in BBC's Strike series as Kinvara Chiswell, an unhappy wife and stepmother at odds with her husband's family. Speaking about the role, the actress told HELLO!: "Strike was a fabulous experience. My character is a very vulnerable, unhappy, quite lost and anxious woman, who protects herself with strange aggressiveness. She’s not very sympathetic." 

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She continued: "She has a husband with older children and they all see her as the enemy. She’s a team rider and racer who takes refuge in her horses. She’s a bit tragic really, but I was fond of her by the end."

Sophie is perhaps best known for starring as Zoey on Two and a Half Men, and as Big Suze in the Channel 4 sitcom, Peep Show. She has also previously enjoyed guest roles in Agatha Christie's Poirot and Death in Paradise. 

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