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Viewers share theories over Jack Wheeler's death in Unsolved Mysteries Volume Two

Jack was found murdered after being spotted acting strangely on CCTV 

jack wheeler
Emmy Griffiths
Emmy GriffithsTV & Film Editor
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Unsolved Mysteries Volume Two has landed on Netflix, and viewers have been keen to discuss the series of cold cases from the show. The opening episode looks at the tragic death of Jack Wheeler, a former White House aide who was found murdered in a landfill after several days of strange behaviour. 

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Jack was spotted acting strangely and wore only one shoe, which was shown on CCTV at the same time his neighbour spotted a supposed break-in at Jack's home. Smoke bombs had also been let off at a property across the street, where Jack's phone had been found. 

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Viewers were quick to share their theories on Twitter, with some believing that he was accidentally killed during a manic episode as a result of his bipolar disorder, while others believe there was a great conspiracy afoot. 

jack wheeler unsolved

Jack was found in a landfill 

Pointing out the several unanswered questions regarding the case, one fan asked for more details about the damage left at Jack's home. They wrote: "So y’all not gonna tell us if the footprint left in Jack Wheeler’s house was his or not?! This whole case is troubling." 

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Another person replied: "After he lost his phone, he had a manic episode and started breaking things including dishes and he stepped on some glass. I guarantee that was his own footprint in the comet. He then went to the drugstore [for] something to treat his cut foot." 

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Why was Jack Wheeler murdered?

Others were quick to discuss Jack's strange taxi ride, with one tweeting: "Why is no one curious about the people who gave Jack a ride to the parking garage?! Like those would be some of the first people I would talk to." Another wrote: "I feel like the producers left out a lot of details on the Jack case, fingerprints in the house? The footprint? Interviews of the guys that gave him a ride."

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