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Unsolved Mysteries: fans convinced they've worked out suspect in this episode

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unsolved mysteries lady in the lake
Francesca Shillcock
Senior Features Writer
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Netflix released volume two of Unsolved Mysteries last week and fans were quick to binge on the new episodes. The true-crime series, which only released its first volume back in July, offers six new mysterious and previously unsolved stories for viewers to dissect – and it seems that one episode has got fans talking for a particular reason.

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Lady in the Lake, which is the penultimate episode in the new volume, looks at the death of JoAnn Romain, a woman who police believed had died by suicide in a lake.

unsolved lady in lake© Photo: Netflix

Police believed JoAnn Romain died by suicide

The 55-year-old would have had to walk a difficult path to get to the lake, including crossing over rocks, but she was wearing high heels at the time.

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However, fans are suspicious when it comes to the circumstances surrounding her death, and even suspect one person in particular. Taking to social media, one person wrote: "#UnsolvedMysteries lady in the lake ep there's no way it was suicide. Her brother was so weird at the end. I wonder if he was listed on her life insurance policy..."

A second person said: "Anyone else think the victim's brother from #UnsolvedMysteries 'Lady in the Lake' seems suspicious?"

netflix unsolved lady in lake© Photo: Netflix

Netflix fans were suspicious while watching the episode

While a third tweeted: "#UnsolvedMysteries Lady in the Lake: who had keys to the Lexus besides JoAnn? Because she was found with her car keys zipped in her jacket pocket and the claim is that the car was placed back at the church after she was dumped in the water. Find them keys, find the murderer."

Like the first series, the new installment will look at six cold cases, from missing persons to unexplained phenomena. As well as Lady in the Lake, the volume includes Tsunami Spirits, Stolen Kids, Washington Insider Murder, A Death in Oslo and Death Row Fugitive.

Each episode, with the help of detectives and forensic evidence, will seek to solve each mystery or crime whether it's a murder, suspicious death or supernatural interference. 

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