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Viewers are saying the same thing about Unsolved Mysteries volume two 

Have you watched the Lester Eubanks episode yet? 

lester eubanks
Emmy Griffiths
Emmy GriffithsTV & Film Editor
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Viewers were delighted to see that Unsolved Mysteries had returned with six brand new episodes on Netflix, but what is the verdict from volume two so far? While fans are enjoying sharing their own theories on the series of cold cases, plenty of people have tweeted their shock regarding the escape of the death row prisoner, Lester Eubanks. 

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Lester was facing the death penalty after the murder and attempted rape of a 14-year-old girl, and was allowed a furlough to do some Christmas shopping in 1974. He failed to meet his prison guard at the arranged time, and has since been on the run for over 45 years. 

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Taking to Twitter to discuss the episode, one person wrote: "That Lester Eubanks case is so wild. OMG. So many mistakes were made... It [expletive] me off." Another added: "I would like to know who... thought it was a good idea to take death row prisoners out Christmas shopping with no guards to stand and follow them? Like who thought that was a good idea? I just wanna talk."

lester glasses

Lester's age progression sketch following his disappearance 

A third person wrote: "So you're telling me this Lester guy shot and bludgeoned that poor girl and they thought it was ok to let him out to go Christmas shopping!! what in the fresh hell do you mean???!!!" 

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Fans have also been fascinated by A Death in Oslo, in which a young woman with no ID was killed in a hotel room, and has never been identified. The synopsis reads: "When a woman was found dead in a luxury hotel room in Oslo, Norway, it appeared to be a suicide. However, several pieces didn’t add up: she had no identification, her briefcase contained 25 rounds of ammunition and no one reported her missing. Who was this woman, and could she have been part of a secret intelligence operation?" 

hotel room

Fans were also shocked by A Death in Oslo

One viewer tweeted: "#UnsolvedMysteries I'm shocked that they still haven't found out who this woman's name was in the A Death in Oslo episode....very suspicious!" Another person added: "The Jennifer Oslo hotel room story is one of the craziest things I’ve seen and I do watch a lot of this stuff... [I have] chills." 

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