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Unsolved Mysteries volume two is here - but what are the six new unsolved cases? 

From ghosts to unexplained murders, the new series looks at several cold cases

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Emmy Griffiths
Emmy GriffithsTV & Film Editor
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Unsolved Mysteries has wasted no time bringing out volume two of new episodes, just a few short months after the show's initial release back in July.

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Like the first series, the new instalment will look at six cold cases, from missing persons to unexplained phenomena. Find out more about each unsolved mystery here... 

Episode one: Washington Insider Murder

The opening episode looks at the death of former White House aide Jack Wheeler, who was found in a landfill. However, CCTV footage - and his neighbour's testimonies - revealed his strange behaviour in the lead-up to his death. His neighbour reported hearing a loud television playing in his house for days when no one appeared to be at home, while it was also reported that he was sighted wearing only one show and looking disoriented days before his death. His killer has never been caught. 

unsolved mysteries© Photo: Netflix

Jack days before his death

Episode two: A Death in Oslo 

In Oslo, a woman checked into a hotel with no identification or credit cards, and was shot and killed during her stay. The synopsis reads: "When a woman was found dead in a luxury hotel room in Oslo, Norway, it appeared to be a suicide. However, several pieces didn’t add up: she had no identification, her briefcase contained 25 rounds of ammunition and no one reported her missing. Who was this woman, and could she have been part of a secret intelligence operation?" 

hotel room© Photo: Netflix

Who was the woman in the hotel room?

Episode three: Death Row Fugitive 

Episode three sees an investigation into the disappearance of a convicted killer who was given a furlough to go Christmas shopping in the 1970s, and managed to escape. Lester Eubanks, who was facing the death penalty for murdering a teenage girl in 1965, has now been on the run for over 45 years. Speaking to Rolling Stone, Deputy U.S. Marshal David Siler said: "It’s one of those cases that you can’t put down. It’s so appalling that someone has to headhunt to catch this monster." 

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Episode four: Tsunami Spirits

The synopsis for this episode reads: "A massive earthquake and tsunami devastated Japan in March 2011. Residents share stories of the spirits they encountered in the wake of the disaster." This will be the first episode that looks at ghosts, as families report on toys moving on their own and other strange goings-on."

spirits 1© Photo: Netflix

Do you believe in ghosts?

Episode five: Lady in the Lake 

The penultimate episode looks at the death of JoAnn Romain, a woman who police believed had died by suicide in a lake. However, her family believe it was murder. The fifty-five-year-old would have had to walk a difficult path to get to the lake, including crossing over rocks, but she was wearing high heels at the time. So what really happened? 

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Episode six: Stolen Kids 

In 1989, two toddlers disappeared while playing at the same park in New York City over the span of three months - and their families are still determined to find answers about what happened to them. Christopher Dansby, two, went missing while playing in a park, three months before Shane Glover was also taken while playing at a park. The episode also explores the reasons why the children might have been taken, with a popular theory being that they were taken by someone who couldn't have their own children. 

christopher© Photo: Netflix

Christopher went missing when he was just two years old 

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