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Unsolved Mysteries fans left 'creeped out' by this detail in Netflix show

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Francesca Shillcock
Francesca ShillcockSenior TV & Film Writer
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Netflix's Unsolved Mysteries is the show everyone is talking about. The true-crime series, which released its second volume of episodes earlier this month, offers six new mysterious and previously unsolved stories for viewers to try and dissect. But it seems one episode has left viewers feeling a little scared.

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Taking to social media, many voiced how they were feeling "creeped out" after watching the episode Tsunami Spirits – the first episode in the franchise that focuses on ghosts and supernatural spirits. 

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One person tweeted: "When I committed myself to a weekend of True Crime & junk food, I wasn't expecting ghost stories about spirits taking taxis," along with a shocked-face emoji. A second person wrote: "Watching #unsolvedmysteries when I know [stuff] like that scares me to death and I won't be able to sleep tonight."

Echoing this, a third fan said: "It's dark and I'm watching #UnsolvedMysteries and then the episode comes on from my city NOW I'm not gonna be able to sleep."

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netflix tsunami spirits© Photo: Netflix

Unsolved Mysteries have left viewers feeling "creeped out"

Others were in agreement that the series as a whole was a gripping but uncomfortable watch. Discussing the true-crime episodes, another fan commented on social media: "Whyyyyy do I let myself watch #UnsolvedMysteries I need to stick with fictitious mysteries in my old and fragile age maybe."

Meanwhile, another viewer was feeling spooked watching a final episode in the volume, Stolen Kids. They wrote: "The missing kids episode of the all new #UnsolvedMysteries on @netflix is giving me the creeps. Well done, though!" 

Like the first series, the new instalment looks at six cold cases, from missing persons to unexplained phenomena. As well as Tsunami Spirits, the series includes A Lady in the Lake, Stolen Kids, Washington Insider Murder, A Death in Oslo and Death Row Fugitive.

Each episode, with the help of detectives and forensic evidence, will seek to solve each mystery or crime whether it's a murder, suspicious death or supernatural interference.

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