7 major moments that are probably going to happen in The Handmaid's Tale season four 

Warning, potential spoilers ahead for season four!

The Handmaid's Tale is nearly back on our screens, and will be airing in late April on Hulu in the US, and shortly after on Channel 4 in the UK. The latest trailer for the popular series gave plenty away about the series - but are there any moments you might have missed? We have broken down the trailer for the moments that are (most likely) going to happen in season four...

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June will make it out of Gilead

In several scenes shown in the trailer, including a court appearance, climbing out of a car in front of a Canadian embassy and speaking about "facing" her husband Luke, the trailer makes it quite clear that one way or another, June manages to escape Gilead and make it to Canada. However, whether she is there by choice or not - since she initially refused to leave Gilead without Hannah - remains to be seen. 

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Janine may die in an airstrike

We're not 100 per cent sure on this one, but in one moment of the trailer, June and Janine can be seen running away from an airstrike as rubbles is blown up around them. In another moment, it appears that Moira has joined June as the sight, who looks like she is in shock... with Janine nowhere to be seen. Could Janine have been killed in the attack? We hope not! 

June will be captured

Although Aunt Lydia reveals that June has "eluded capture", it appears that at some point of season four, her good luck will finally run out and she will be captured by Gilead soldiers. Several moments of the trailer also show her in a prison uniform while being tortured, but we may know how she manages to get out of it... 

There may be a prisoner exchange

In the opening moment of the trailer, there appears to be an exchange between Canada and Gilead. Since another scene shows Fred and Serena Waterford triumphantly walking through a cheering crowd in their Gilead attire, this could well mean that there was a prisoner exchange - could Fred and Serena have been exchanged for June? 

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June will be reunited with Hannah 

While imprisoned, it looks like June will be reunited with her daughter, Hannah, who is being imprisoned in a glass cage. Whether Hannah is simply there as psychological torture for Hannah, it's clear that June feels horrified with guilt, later blaming herself for her daughter's predicament. We can't wait to find out more!

Nick and June reunite (briefly) 

After being largely absent for season three, Nick is back and appears to be searching for June. Although the trailer shows the pair reuniting with a passionate kiss, it also appears to show both Nick and June leaving their meet-up spot alone, hinting that it wasn't a permanent reunion for the pair. 

Serena Joy is pregnant 

Although it was thought that Fred was unable to have children, it has been all but confirmed that Serena is expecting a baby in season three - and it does appear to be her husband's, who finds out about the pregnancy when their former housemaid, Rita, gives him an ultrasound photograph of the baby. 

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