Viewers spot blunder in episode one of ITV's Too Close

Emily Watson and Denise Gough star in the new thriller

Too Close is the latest drama from ITV, airing over three consecutive nights this week. But it seems while many enjoyed the show's debut, there was one detail that left a few people confused. If you've not yet watched, beware! Spoilers for episode one ahead…

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The first episode of the thriller saw lead character Dr Emma Robertson (Emily Watson) visit attempted murder suspect Connie Mortensen (Denise Gough) in a psychiatric hospital where she is being held for assessment before standing trial.

However, eagle-eyed fans noticed that Emma managed to enter the secure facility while still in possession of her phone, cigarettes and lighter, which baffled many watching at home. 

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WATCH: ITV's new drama Too Close - official trailer

One person wrote on Twitter: "Sorry? Ciggies, lighter and a phone? Did she not get security training before working in a prison? #TooClose."

A second had a similar thought process, writing: "Just watched #TooClose. Very intense and great acting, but seriously, who is allowed to walk into a secure hospital with a mobile phone, cigarettes and lighter?" A third asked: "So what exactly did she leave in the locker if she was allowed to take her lighter in? #TooClose."

Elsewhere in the episode, we learnt more about Connie's backstory before she's pushed to the near-fatal incident shown at the beginning of the show, which sees her drive herself, her daughter and her neighbour Vanessa's daughter off a bridge.

It seems prior to the crime, Connie had been growing close to her new neighbour and friend, Vanessa, and many have been left wondering if the two came to blows for a particular reason which led Connie to a breakdown – but what could it be?

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Emily Watson and Denise Gough in ITV's new drama Too Close

The synopsis for the new show reads: "Dr Robertson is not easily shocked. She’s worked with her fair share of high security patients. However, when she’s sent to assess Connie for trial the two women become dangerously close.

"Connie has a searing insight into Emma’s deepest insecurities and starts to brutally exploit them. Their sessions become a complex psychological game with confusing undercurrents.

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"Emma tries to understand Connie and her complicated relationship with her beautiful best friend, Ness Jones, which seems to have made her snap.

"But as Emma tries to uncover the truth and learn what triggered Connie’s despicable behaviour, it seems that her attempts to see justice done may destroy her instead."

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