Too Close: viewers spot plot hole in episode two - did you think the same thing? 

Have you been enjoying the series? 

Too Close viewers have been loving the new miniseries, but following episode two, many took to Twitter with questions about the psychiatrist ward nurse, Khadija Ibrahim (played by Chizzy Akudolu), as well as the ward itself. 

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Posting on the social media site, many people had the same question about the discussions about shifts on the show, with one writing: "Why does that nurse keep asking Emma to do the night shift? I thought she was just visiting the unit to talk to Connie, and not actually working at the unit/centre where she is being held." 

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Another added: "Why would the nurse keep asking the psychiatrist about sodding nightshifts?" A third person added: "Gripped by #TooClose thanks to the brilliant acting by the two female leads. Wish someone would tell the nurse that forensic psychiatrists aren't usually responsible for doing the rota though." 

Have you been enjoying the series?

Another viewer also pointed out the lack of security on the ward, writing: "Watching  #TooClose and it’s an excellent drama - but the  lax security in a forensic mental health unit is giving me the twitches and an urgent desire to complete several SUI/Datix forms." 

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MORE: Too Close viewers are saying the same thing after episode two

The new drama, starring Emily Watson and Denise Gough, is based on a book of the same name by Natalie Daniels, and follows a forensic psychiatrist who is assigned to work with a wife and mother dubbed the 'Yummy Mummy Monster'. Emma's assessment of Connie's mental state will determine whether she faces life behind bars or walks away a free woman.

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