Too Close star Denise Gough opens up about one 'stressful' aspect of new drama

The actress plays Connie Mortenson in the ITV thriller

Brand new psychological drama Too Close is keeping TV lovers entertained this week over three consecutive nights.

The ITV thriller, which stars Denise Gough and Emily Watson as its lead characters, tells the story of a woman being assessed for trial after being accused of a heinous crime.

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And now, star of the show Denise, who plays Connie Mortensen – the accused now being kept in a psychiatric hospital – has opened up about the one aspect of filming that proved to be challenging.

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Appearing on This Morning, the actress spoke to Dermot O'Leary and Alison Hammond about how filming for the series compared to her previous work on the stage.  

"For me, I'm so used to doing theatre where I get to play parts like this, it's kind of rare that I get to play them on screen," she began.

"I have done some [TV] before, I had a series out a few years ago so I knew how to play it through lines and episodes, but this one was different. I mean I had a four-hour makeup call to do in the morning, so I had this huge amount of time before I even got to the set, which at times was really stressful."

She continued: "But the actual acting of it I just love, I love it so much. I can't believe I get to do it as my job. I was deeply excited by it."

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Denise Gough as Connie in Too Close

In the show, Connie can be seen with dramatic and frightening makeup after she drives herself, along with her daughter and their friend, off a road into the river.

It's this crime that leads to her being admitted to a psychiatric facility to be assessed by Dr Emma Robertson (Emily Watson) before standing trial for attempted murder.

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Emily Watson also stars as Dr Emma Robertson

It seems the first episode, which aired on Monday evening, was well-received by fans for its gripping plot and great performances, but one aspect left many a little confused.

After Emma managed to enter the secure facility while still in possession of her phone, cigarettes and lighter, viewers were left baffled.

"Sorry? Ciggies, lighter and a phone? Did she not get security training before working in a prison? #TooClose." Another said: "Very intense and great acting, but seriously, who is allowed to walk into a secure hospital with a mobile phone, cigarettes and lighter?"

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