The Circle USA winner revealed in season finale – and fans are thrilled

Warning! Spoilers ahead for the series two finale...

Have you been watching The Circle USA? The popular series has been keeping Netflix subscribers entertained over the past few weeks, but now the second season of the reality show has come to its conclusion, revealing the winner in the process – and it seems fans are pretty happy with the result. Warning! Major spoilers ahead...

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In the last episode of the series, which was hosted by TV presenter and comedian Michelle Buteau, there were five contestants left standing: Courtney, River, Chloe, John (a fake persona created by two people) and Trevor (a fake profile created by Deleesa).

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The contestants put forward their final rankings for their fellow players to determine who would be crowned the winner – in the end, Trevor AKA Deleesa was crowned champion.

After watching the 13th and final episode, many fans took to social media to express their delight at the worthy winner. One person said: "Omg. I'm so happy for the winner of The Circle! They deserved it. #TheCircleNetflix #TheCircleUS #TheCircle."

A second tweeted: "I stayed up to watch #TheCircleSeason2 finale and IT MADE ME SO HAPPY! I'M SO GLAD FOR THE WINNER! #TheCircleUS #thecircle #TheCircleNetflix."

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Fans were delighted with the winner

Plenty of other viewers were equally thrilled with the result. Another commented: "Honestly we could not have gotten a better winner for this season imo. I'm in a good mood now #TheCircle #TheCircleNetflix," while a fourth wrote: "I've never been more happy [sic] with a final two or a winner on any reality tv show #TheCircleNetflix #TheCircle."

Trevor AKA Deleesa was crowned champion

The Circle USA is a remake of the Channel 4 version which originally aired in the UK. The premise of the US series, which is dubbed Big Brother meets Catfish, is the same as the original. Contestants live in individual apartments and compete to be the most popular without ever meeting.

Via the social media app and their profiles, the players  can portray themselves however they choose. They can be themselves or pose as someone entirely different to raise their popularity. The contestants all rate each other based on their profiles and some are left blocked. In the finale, whoever is the highest rated wins the jackpot prize of US $100,000.

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