Sex Education: the story so far…

The Netflix show is returning for a third series soon

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If you're a Netflix subscriber, chances are you've either binged or at least heard of the hugely popular show, Sex Education.

The comedy-drama, which picked up six nods in the 2021 BAFTA TV Award nominations released on Wednesday, boasts a stellar cast and plenty of laugh-out-loud moments – although the racy scenes make the show certainly not one for the faint hearted.

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Luckily for fans, season three is on the cards and reports suggest filming has already wrapped on the new episodes – meaning the countdown is officially on for its return. It's been over a year since series two's release, so to refresh your memory, here's the story of Sex Education so far…

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The beginning of Sex Education immediately introduced us to Otis Milburn, an insecure and awkward teenager perpetually embarrassed by his mum, Jean, a sex and relationships therapist. Despite Jean being very open about all aspects of sexuality and trying to get her son to open up about his personal issues, Otis is reluctant – but soon uses his mother's knowledge in expertise in other ways.

After a dramatic showdown in the Moordale high school toilet involving school bully Adam Groff (involving certain, ahem, medication), social pariah Maeve Wiley observes Otis helping Adam with his medical condition and instantly sees a business opportunity.

Soon, she proposes to him that he starts offering other students sex and relationship advice, thanks to his learnt expertise from his mum, in exchange for money. Throughout series one, the clinic becomes one of the main focuses.

However, the first eight episodes don't come without their own drama and more serious moments. Early on in season one, Maeve finds out she's pregnant by school jock, Jackson, and has an abortion all the while going through difficulties in her home life. Maeve then starts to develop feelings for Otis, but by this point he is now dating Ola, the daughter of Jean's handyman-turned-boyfriend, Jakob.

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Are you a fan of Sex Education?

Meanwhile, Eric, Otis' gay best friend who is consistently bullied by Adam, ends up getting assaulted in a homophobic attack after being stood up by Otis. Towards the end of season one, Adam and Eric serve detention together and end up having a fight that turns into sex – but the situation is made tricky when Adam is sent off to military school by his headteacher father, who disapproves of his rebel behaviour.

Season two's focus is once again on the clinic but, this time, with other complications thrown into the mix. Otis and Ola's relationship continues while Maeve's home life grows more complicated with the sudden appearance of her estranged and former addict mum, Erin, who wants to make amends.

Adam's journey at military school shows the many complications in his life and he ends up getting framed for drug possession and is expelled – which does nothing for his rocky relationship with his dad.

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The show has been a big hit with viewers and critics alike

The episodes also offer a look at serious issues as well as the lighter side of teenage love and angst. Aimee, Maeve's best friend, gets assaulted on a bus and reports it to the police, and Maeve's reprobate younger brother turns up and gets in trouble for selling drugs but, to protect him, Maeve takes the wrap.

Meanwhile, Eric is now dating school new boy Rahim but his involvement with Adam is far from over. Otis and Ola then break up after Ola realises she has feelings for Lily, and Jackson's struggle with his mum forcing him to swim competitively prompts him to injure himself, sabotaging his abilities in the process.

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The third season is due out this year

Towards the end of season two, Jackson then stars in the school musical, much to his parents' surprise, and Adam jumps up on stage declaring his love for Eric.

Speaking of declaring of love, Otis leaves Maeve a voicemail expressing his true feelings, but Isaac, Maeve's neighbours, deletes the message and sends him away – setting up perfectly for season three. We cannot wait!  

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