Viewers stunned after spotting Line of Duty star in new BBC drama Time

Stephen Graham and Sean Bean are leading the cast

Sunday night's must-see viewing came in the form of BBC's gritty new prison series, Time, starring acting legends Stephen Graham and Sean Bean – and if that wasn't enough, viewers were stunned to see an iconic Line of Duty villain also make an appearance!

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Taking to social media, many were delighted to see actor Brian McCardie make an appearance as Jackson Jones, a fellow inmate of Mark's (Sean Bean), and couldn't resist making reference to his iconic Line of Duty character, Tommy Hunter.

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WATCH: Time on BBC starring Sean Bean and Stephen Graham - official trailer

One person tweeted: "Mother of god it's Tommy Hunter.  #Time," as another joked: "The ghost of Tommy Hunter... they don't want to be messing with him #Time."

Plenty of others were loving seeing Brian McCardie and Stephen Graham, another Line of Duty alum, on screen together, writing: "Tommy Hunter and John Corbett on a Sunday night. All we need now is @Vicky_McClure and @martin_compston #Time #LineOfDuty." 

A fourth fan quipped: "John Corbett and Tommy Hunter are both in #time. Is this a #lineofduty origin story?"

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Did you spot Brian McCardie in Time?

Time tells the story of Mark Cobden, a former teacher who was arrested for death by dangerous driving and is sentenced to four years in prison. Having never been jailed before, the show details his time inside as he deals with thugs and violence from his inmates.

The show also focuses on Eric McNally, a prison officer known as the 'Boss' who looks after Mark and the other prisoners. Eric also begins to commit underhand crimes in order to try and save his son, who is inside another prison, from being attacked.

Stephen Graham also stars in Time

The synopsis reads: "However when one of the most dangerous inmates identifies his weakness, Eric faces an impossible choice; between his principles and his family.

"A story of guilt and forgiveness, punishment and penitence, both Eric and Mark are trapped by their pasts and unsure of their futures. Will they find the strength to move forward?" 

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