Lorraine Kelly's daughter's pet pooch Ruby steals the show on Celebrity Gogglebox

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In this week's exclusive diary, Lorraine Kelly talks about the moment her pet dog Angus and her daughter's adorable puppy Ruby stole the limelight on Celebrity Gogglebox. The TV presenter also shares just how much her four-legged friend helped her in lockdown. 

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As you may know I've been doing Celebrity Gogglebox with my daughter Rosie and we are always accompanied on our sofa by Rosie's puppy Ruby. She's a miniature wire-haired sausage dog and has become a proper star of the show with lots of viewers loving to watch her, even though she spends most of the time fast asleep being cuddled.

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My gorgeous border terrier Angus won't sit on the sofa with us, but he does love being in his basket by the TV watching us while we watch all the programmes. He seems to be having as much fun as we do.

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During filming we had a delivery of a doggie bed that I had ordered for Ruby (my plan is that if she has her own bed, bowls, food and toys she will feel very much at home and want to stay over with us A LOT). The show likes to include things that actually happen and tiny Ruby bouncing on her giant bed got a big reaction.

Ruby stole the show on Celebrity Gogglebox

Watching Angus and Ruby chasing each other around the living room, and playing with their toys in the garden with such joy and freedom, made me realise once again just how important our pets are in making us feel better about life.

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As I've said before I don't know what I would have done during the past eighteen months if I hadn't had Angus. Taking him for long walks meant I got fresh air and exercise and did wonders for my mental health.

Ruby's "full of energy and interested in everything"

I think everyone who has a dog or a beloved pet will be able to relate to that, and it's double the fun now Angus has Ruby as a play date. She's full of energy and interested in everything, just like a little toddler.

I must admit sometimes Angus gets a bit fed up with her being so full on. He just gives her a "hard stare" like Paddington bear and she knows she has to calm down. I reckon they will be pals for life.

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