The Bachelorette recap: Katie Thurston takes control at dramatic rose ceremony

Katie wasn't taking any more nonsense

Episode four of The Bachelorette saw Katie Thurston finally take control, as she sent Thomas home after weeks of drama and one epic rose ceremony.

The show kicked off with the men in the house broaching Thomas' deceit, and he admitted that although his original intentions were for a platform, his priorities had changed.

Katie then invited nine of the men on a group date, where they were asked to play a game of truth and dare which saw them sweet talk Katie and wax their bodies.

But the cocktail party led to deeper emotional connections between Katie and Andrew S., and Katie and Greg, with the later pair ending their time together making out.

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WATCH: The Bachelorette: Shock twist at rose ceremony

"I do feel this can be love between us," Greg shared, "I feel amazing around her, I am crazy about the girl."

The conversation, however, once again turned to house villain Thomas, and Tre insisted it was time to tell Katie though, and during their one-on-one time he shared: "There are some things that are happening in the house, and you need to know.

"I want to let you know from my perspective, and most of the guys, of someone who isn't here for you and that's Thomas.

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"There is a pattern of manipulative behaviour… he said when I came out here 'I wanted to be the bachelor.' I care about you and want to protect you."

Katie is hoping to find love

But Katie was left in tears and she asked the group to be honest about their feelings about Thomas, with the men admitting they did not trust him.

She then gave Tre the group date rose.

The next day saw host Tayshia Adams knock on her bedroom door, only to tell Katie that "someone from my past reached out to me and he felt passionately that you guys would be an amazing match."

"He is an amazing guy, and someone with good intentions," said Tayshia.

It was Blake - and Katie admitted that she was concerned about his decision to turn up to the New Mexico resort when she had already formed solid connections with the other men.

Blake made an appearance

Thomas, meanwhile, decided it was time to end Katie’s doubts so he went to her room ahead of the rose ceremony. He shared that his thoughts about becoming the next Bachelor had changed since meeting Katie, and she told him she was struggling because she did have feelings for him.

But when it came to the rose ceremony, Thomas stepped forward to issue a formal group apology to the other men and Katie.

"Katie, I would like to openly acknowledge and apologize for any thought and any moment that I wasn’t here for the right reasons. And to the guys, I want to openly acknowledge and apologize for any times of disrespect that you guys didn’t deserve. Most importantly, any time that I diminished the value that you guys have as men. Thank you," he shared.

Thomas was branded a "liar" by Katie

But it was too little too late, as when there was one final rose left, Katie called forward Thomas and said: "You told me things that I wanted to hear. But what I learned about you tonight is that you’re selfish, unkind and a liar.

"Your Bachelor audition ends tonight. So get out. You don’t get to use me as your stepping stone to whatever your goal is. Not here, not tonight."

Instead, she walked to Blake's room and gave him the final rose, telling him he could stay.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays on ABC at 8pm ET.

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