Netflix cancels four shows - and fans are seriously disappointed 

Were you a fan of these shows? 

Netflix has cancelled four of their original series - and needless to say, fans aren’t happy! The streaming service has confirmed that Kevin James’ The Crew. Mr Iglesias, Bonding and Katherine McPhee’s Country Comfort. 

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Speaking about the cancellation of Creature Comfort, which followed an aspiring country singer who takes on a nanny job for a handsome cowboy named Beau and his five children, one person wrote: “Super bummed that Netflix cancelled #CountryComfort. It was super adorable and something I could watch with my kids.” Another added: “NO NO NOO I really needed a second season of #countrycomfort. Can’t another platform pick it up?!” 

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Chatting about the show, Katherine previously told USA Today: "I'd like to say I was a much better nanny than she was, but that's part of her charm. She falls into this job of being a nanny that she's probably not that suited for, but she ends up making it work and is still trying to multitask. That's something I relate to with her. I pride myself on being someone who can wear many different hats at once, and she definitely tries to do that.”

Are you disappointed that the shows have been cancelled?

The star has yet to speak out about the cancellation. Meanwhile Bonding followed a New York City grad student who enlists her friend to help her to moonlight as a dominatrix. The show lasted for two seasons, with the second instalment landing on the streaming service in January. 

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Speaking about the shows’ cancellations, one fan wrote: “Wish Bonding had another season but where it left off at with the characters is okay. The Crew was good but predictable. Mr. Iglesias is freaking funny and should have never been cancelled. We needed a graduation!!! You better keep The Upshaws!” 

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