The Deceived: will there be a season two of hit show? 

Warning, contains spoilers 

The Deceived has been a huge hit since landing on Netflix in early July. Despite airing on Channel 5 in 2020, the series has gained a new audience, and is currently in the top ten most popular shows on the streaming site - but should we be expecting season two? Find out here… 

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The twisty conclusion to season one saw Mary pin Annabelle’s murder on Michael, while claiming that his own death was an accident. Meanwhile, Roisin uses her fake identity to begin her life anew, and Ophelia looks happy and content with her newborn baby girl. However, in the final moments of the episode, Annabelle’s brother Richard tracks Roisin down, telling her that he has been looking for her. 

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Although the series ends on something of a cliffhanger, it hasn’t been renewed for a second series. However, the show creators Lisa McGee and Tobias Beer have previously revealed that they would like to see it happen! 

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Chatting in a Q&A, Lisa told reporters that the show could return “in a kind of anthology way”, adding that season one’s story is most definitely concluded. She said: “We wanted to go ‘here’s what happened’ and answer it fully.” Tobias added: “You might have to do it slightly differently whereas perhaps not bringing back all the characters, but using the house. Telling a different story using the house perhaps.”

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Viewers have been loving the series, with one writing: “Just binged all of season one… was on the edge of my sofa, highly recommend #thedeceived." Another added: “Just finished The Deceived on Netflix. A 4 part drama series! Very very good, I recommend it! It’s worth the watch! There are some good twists, although I guessed correctly from the third episode! #TheDeceived.”

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