Virgin River season three: fans have same complaint about show

Did you feel the same? 

Virgin River fans have taken to social media to complain about one element of season three - but do you agree? Viewers who binge-watched the Netflix series over the weekend spoke about how much they disliked Charmaine - while many added that her pregnancy doesn’t make sense. 

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One person wrote: “And the award for the WORST CHARACTER EVER goes to… CHARMAINE. That woman is a piece of work. UGH. #VirginRiver," while another added: “It takes a hell of a  talented actor/actress to make you hate their character so much, and that's EXACTLY what @le_hammer is—TALENTED! I still have 3 eps left so I can only imagine what those eps have in store for me.” 

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Lauren Hammersley plays the role, and replied to one fan who wrote: “@le_hammer plays the part so well you truly get emotionally involved,” tweeting: “Aaaaawe, thank you!!!!” 

Others discussed her pregnancy storyline, with one writing: “Why isn’t Charmaine showing yet? I feel like a lot of time has passed but her pregnancy hasn’t progressed especially carrying twins???” Another added: “Charmaine’s pregnancy is never ending.” 

What do you think about Charmaine?

Fans have already discussed another major change to the series - the absence of one of the show’s key characters, Hope. Sadly, the actress who plays Hope, Annette O'Toole, was not able to fly to Vancouver last year when filming took place due to the pandemic.

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Speaking to US Weekly, showrunner Sue Tenney explained: "We were affected by COVID like every other show, and it was impossible for Annette to come and join us up here in Vancouver. Personally, I love Hope. I love the character, so we got busy in the writers' room to see how we can keep her alive in the show, with only having limited access."

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