Natasha Raskin Sharp reveals surprising reason she nearly lost out on Antiques Road Trip role

Natasha has been presenting the BBC show since 2015

We love watching Antiques Road Trip as well as its sister show Celebrity Antiques Road Trip, which sees the show's experts team up with famous faces from the world of entertainment to find incredible treasures and raise the most money for charity.

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However, did you know that Natasha Raskin Sharp, one of our favourite presenters, almost didn't make it onto the programme?

Chatting to The Sunday Post back in 2015 ahead of her Antiques Road Trip debut, the then 28-year-old presenter confessed that there was one crucial thing she hadn't told BBC bosses that nearly cost her the role.

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"I'd been doing Bargain Hunt when the executive producer of Antiques Road Trip called to ask if I wanted to audition for the show," the Scottish-born antiques dealer explained. "It was intense. I had to go through three or four auditions until finally, I got to come in for a big meeting, where a panel of people, including the director, were looking me up and down thinking, 'Is she going to be OK'?

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"The thing was I had something quite important I really needed to get off my chest - I couldn't drive!"

Natasha couldn't drive before she joined the show

When she did eventually admit to her lack of experience in the driving seat, BBC bosses were understandably a little bit vexed given that the show revolves around two antiques experts driving around Britain in search of one-of-a-kind finds. Recalling their reaction, she said: "They couldn't believe it. It had all been sweetness and light up till that point, but then it all got a bit grave."

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The producers then offered her the gig on the condition that she pass her driving test in time for the new episodes to begin filming. Natasha then took an intensive driving course but sadly failed twice - but passed on her third attempt.

Since then, Natasha has become a familiar face to television viewers - and also credits the show for helping her find love! In 2016, she married Joe Sharp, who works as a producer and director on the BBC daytime show.

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